Tuesday, 6 March 2012

BiS! Podcast - Episode 1 'Dubstep'

So after a spree of awesome gigs. A collapsed lung, an interview with the BBC a new housemate, and all sorts of other 2012 shenanigans we have finally completed the first episode of the Break In Styles Podcast!!

Every month we will feature some of our favourite emerging artists from the web and showcase for all to enjoy. This month we have foccussed on Dubstep, and we have included a handfull of some of our favourite material.

Get ready, Turn it up and let Break In Styles take over for the next hour!!!

BiS! Podcast - Episode 1 'Dubstep'.


Philth - Bitcrusher

Molecule - Keep It Fresh (DUB FACTORY EXCLUSIVE)

Break In Styles - The Stomp


Tetrix Bass - Life Outside

Al3X Taylor - REMIX Drake - Forever (Ft Kanye West, Lil Wayne And Eminem Remix)

Alex H@nx - REMIX Tempa T - Next Hype
Alex H@nx - Creature

Substate - Rankin Audio (Remix)

Makana Royale - Spray Dynamite

Kanchi - Stupid Bytes Allstar

Raziliant - Beatles Juice

Equaleyez - Bop Like This

Dakk Vs Slice REMIX - The M Machine - Promise Me A Rose Garden (Remix)

Makana Royale - Yo, Buss It

Kanchi - Keep Up (Ft Kriminal)


AyeJaxx - Bitches Aint Sh*t

Volatile Psycle - Still Waiting


Listen to Break In Styles new single 'Futuristic' and the rest of the album 'Lesson Number One' by visiting any of the following websites:


Contact: Roschan Thompson
(+44) 780.940.0386

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

So you're going to buy yourself a little dog to stuff in your Louis Vuitton...

No doubt you’ve come to this page with unrealistically high hopes for something insightful.

Firstly sorry, secondly may i congratulate you on your choice of animal. Cats are a waste of money and space.

They strut around like they know they're related to lions. But you don't see lions going around pissing on peoples sofas, it's fine, they're just marking their territory. Hey here's a cat flap so you can visit when you're hungry and not getting any attention from the 20 other houses who believe you belong to them. And even when chased away, they sit their staring at you, until the very last moment before running. It's insulting, like I’m not even worth the effort of moving.
They’re also ungrateful little shits. Their slavish owners pandering to their every whim and stroking them like they’ve been good. Only to have them arch their backs like a nightmare, stick their arsehole in your face and sadistically dig their claws in during the whole experience. Their 'your pain / my pleasure' ethic is SICK!

But this is not a rant about cats. It's purely an observation based on the well-established trend Paris Hilton, Madonna and Hilary Duff, among others, have set cruising around Rodeo Drive, Hollywood with their pint size ankle biters.

Ok so arguably in LA you can get away with more outlandish fashion statements, and it is integrally damaging not to be following the trends. The UK is not dissimilar in their trend setting / following culture. But before buying into this latest accessory, please be aware that just because you have your dog in your Louis Vuitton, doesn’t mean it can have access to non-pet establishment. In the UK, animals by law are not allowed in restaurants. And shopping with your little excuse for a canine will be off limits too, as most public places in the UK have a no pet policy. Besides that, there are other people to consider, many with allergies to animals. Let alone the fact they might not find dining next to your teacup terrier as appealing as you.

So what reason is left to get one of these accessories? Ok they're cute

Ok, I admit, they really can be cute. But is that really a reason to keep these shivering, tail between the legs skin and bone ornaments as pets. Admittedly they do have their uses.

But realistically this is never going to happen is it. I mean if you live on a farm are you going to be walking around the village with your Dior sunglasses, slim black Gucci number and bespoke Mulberry purse with a little black Pomeranian. I just can't help but reaffirm that these animals are just fashion accessories. In which case what happens when the colour goes out of fashion?

Please don't misunderstand the point of this blog. There is nothing wrong with people having a pet, in fact they add to a solid family environment,
and anyone who thinks their girlfriend is more interested in their animal than you? Sorry but that is not the dogs fault! For the record I am a massive animal lover, I love dogs. I am just concerned about where this trend could potentially go?

And I strongly believe the relationship between human and animal should be almost symbiotic and one of respect.

To conclude why not get one of these. They’re far cooler, cuter and easier to stuff in a purse while you hit Selfridges.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Break In Styles set to release highly anticipated debut album, "Lesson Number One"

Produced by formidable Norwich based DJ, producer and lyricist RoschOne, "Lesson Number One" is a melting pot of tough beats over tribal rhythms, coloured with the unmistakable wobbles and grinds of your favourite UK dub-step and grime. Graced with the insightful lyrics of RoschOne, Lymbers and Syte, this album has been described as "brilliantly crafted music" and "like Chase and Status , Nero and Benny Bennassi locked in a studio with three hungry MC's." 

The bands influences have conspired to create a multi-textured debut;

"We love 60's Motown, Metal, Hip Hop, House and Dub step."
says RoschOne. "All these extremes make our music unique. We are not easily defined by a single genre and pigeon holed, we do our own thing. "

And the groups favourite tracks? "Let It Loose was the most fun to write and record" says Syte "it's just such a feel good track, everybody loves it." 'Explicit' is an ASBO grime collaboration sure to satisfy the grime purists and the hip hop lovers alike. With it's hypnotic chord progressions, astounding beat and antogonising vocals it's a journey of the senses from start to finish. The title track 'Lesson Number One' is an electro banger reminiscent of the days of Nintendo's and Megadrives, and is sure to get your head nodding. Whilst 'Beat Murderers' haunting Koto melody and insightful lyrics offer a welcome break in styles.

Other highlights include the anthemic new Singles 'Switch' and 'Monster' which ooze the electricity of their raucous and exuberant live set .

'Lesson Number One' is released by Panic Attic Records on 25th March 2012 and will be available from all leading music stores.

Label: Panic Attic Records Ltd (indie)
Artist: Break In Styles
CD Title: Lesson Number One
UPC: (digital release)


Listen to Break In Styles new single Futuristic and the rest of the album 'Lesson Number One' by visiting any of the following websites:

Web site: http://www.breakinstyles.com
Web site: http://www.reverbnation.com/breakinstyles
Web site: http://www.myspace.com/break-in-styles
Web site: http://www.blog.breakinstyles.com

NOTE TO EDITORS: Review copies of "Lesson Number One" are available to media pros on request.

Source: Panic Attic Records Ltd

Contact: Roschan Thompson
(+44) 780.940.0386

Monday, 5 December 2011

Korn releases new Dubstep album!!

KoЯn releasing a Dubstep album. Genius! It's not often an album is produced which i am genuinely anticipating the release of, but this is definately one of them.Let's face it what they are doing isn't pioneering as we've seen Skindred, Enter Shikari and other metal bands try and evolve the genre, but 'The Path Of Totaliy' has definately received the most attention.
The album features production by Skrillex, Datsik, Feed Me, Excision, 12th Planet, Downlink, Kill the Noise, Tylias, and Noisia and according to the record label Roadrunner

“ The Path of Totality is unlike any previous KoЯn release; it's an experimental record which finds the band shifting gears and exploring new territory. For the record, KoЯn collaborated with some of the leading dubstep and electronic music producers in the world. The result is something completely new, yet utterly and definitively KoЯn."
So with such a large number of renowned dubstep producers collaborating on the album, surely one of my favourite bands have got something really special for me!
The album will be released as a standard 11-song CD and a special edition that will include bonus tracks, as well as a DVD of a full-length concert of Korn's mind-blowing The Encounter, described as a "once-in-a-lifetime performance" it takes place in the middle of a 900-foot long crop circle in a wheat field in Bakersfield, CA, USA. The complete concert will be offered as part of the deluxe version.
Excited. Lets hear a preview.
KoЯn - The Path of Totality Preview

Overall i think the sound works well. The choppy, low tuned guitars blend nicely with the unmistakeable dubstep wobbles and drops, and in my opinion the project works quite well. Personally the collaborations with Skrillex stand out for me, and although it's a fairly risky direction for the band to go in. The final outcome still reeks of KoЯn and tracks such as Chaos Lives In Everything, Narcissistic Cannibal and Sanctuary remind me of why i love the band.

The album is not without it's flaws however Jonathan Davis vocal sometimes seem a litle lost in the mix and the guitars are sometimes swamped by the bass, and at times the sound feels little bit like industrial techno. Great, if your into it.
So it seems if you are expecting a metal album then you will be decieved and if you are expecting a Dubstep album then you are likely to be dissapointed. But if you listen to this album with no preconcieved expectations then the result is going to be far more rewarding.

written by RoschOne.

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